Our Artists 

Dominik Mager  

Dominik Mager has always been a happy, loving person whose motto is “Love life, family and friends.”

He discovered his passion at an early age. As a young boy, he would play stylist with his sister’s Barbies, then bribe her with new dolls when she threw a tantrum over her ‘made-over’ dolls.

He grew up in a tiny village in Germany, where his family runs a construction business. He has come a long way from home and traveled thousands of miles to pursue his dream. Across two continents and throughout every career phase, Dominik’s family continues to support and nurture his dreams from back home.

Juan, Director  

A native New Yorker, Juan is inspired by the city’s architecture, design and urban fashion elements, and translates his love for these into his passion for hair art. Always up to date on the latest trends in hair cutting, styling and color, he has mastered his techniques over the span of a decade at some of NYC’s top independent and corporate hair salons.

Lydia, Master Stylist

As a quintessential New Yorker with a passion for hair design, Lydia considers herself both a hair stylist and ‘therapist’. Trained with high profile industry innovators such as L’Oréal and Privé, Lydia constantly stays abreast on new industry trends for all hair types.

She is best known for her signature Hollywood cut and style, as well as her balayage and color techniques.

Lydia is devoted to not only servicing her clients in the salon, but also educating them on best practices to maintain their salon hair at home. 

Tanya, Master Stylist

Tanya, our edgy new bohemian stylist, is a New York native with 9+ years of expertise in the hair design industry. 

This multi faceted hair artist was formally trained at Arrojo Cosmetology. Her precision cuts are based off of the French cutting Technique. Her expertise also includes quick and beautiful blowouts, a variety of extensions, braiding and coloring. Her signature is ‘a new hat’ which is her own unique version of a customized wig. 

When Tanya is not working on high profile styling projects and clients including NYFW or the Grammy’s, she spends her time on spirituality and personal fitness.

Gigi, Creative Stylist

Gigi Swan is our versatile creative stylist who has expertise with all types of hair. She particularly loves working with natural hair, whether blowouts or styling services such as silk press, rod sets or twist outs. Gigi an eye for the latest hairstyling and coloring trends and this is what her growing clientele loves her for.

Raffi, Creative Stylist

Raffi is our talented creative stylist who is technically trained in precision cutting and personalized coloring techniques. He creates unique and individual finished looks that best suit each of his clients. Raffi is a perfectionist who strives to give his clients the best makeover possible every single time.