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Blow Baby Blow

With the rise and popularity of blow-dry bars, Blowouts have become less of a special occasion service to a weekly maintenance. This new one-stop beauty regime is all one needs to have beautiful lasting hair.

Blowdries sometime tend to have a negative connotation to it of causing hair damage due to the excessive fast heat but when done under the care of a professional your blow-dry can result in beautiful silky lasting hair. Some say too much of a good thing isn’t so good after all but let’s put that notion to bed and talk about a few blow-dry benefits.

1.     Lock in that moisture 

Most hair care products work best when hair is freshly shampooed and heat is applied to seal in the finishing products.  Plenty of times we buy products and become dissatisfied with the results of our hair when all that was needed was a quick blow-dry to lock it all in with its results

2.     Strong Foundation

Just like everything in life a strong foundation is a key to success. A blow-dry is that foundation for the last result. Whether its curls or the glamorous Kim K straight having a blow-dry is the foundation for these styles to last. Beautiful hair in all the magazines we read all started out with a blow-dry.

3.     Putting your best foot forward

No one wants to step out with bad hair. The first impression is always appearance. Let your hair speak for you. Blow-dries allow for shine, bounce and so much movement regardless of your texture. You can never go wrong with smooth hair.

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